CHVRCHES – Heaven/Hell

from The :id: Collective on May 30, 2018

First played on Indie Discotheque by matt.

The buildup and level of anticipation for the new Chvrches album have been nothing short of spectacular. Every single released in the run-up to the album release was a joy to hear for the first time, and the album only reinforces how strong this band is as they continue to grow. Heaven/Hell is bliss in its own right, sing along, danceable synthpop the Indie Discotheque could play on repeat for years. -Chris

Louis La Roche & Mylo – Lovers

from The :id: Collective on May 29, 2018

First played on Indie Discotheque by matt.

I’ve always been a fan of Louis La Roche. With Mylo? How unexpected and a wonderful collaboration. If you have somehow forgotten who Mylo is, he is the artist who brought us the dancefloor classic “drop the pressure” way back in the day. This track is decidedly tropical leaning, with xylophone, chimes, and animal sounds. I’m good with that. The production is steady and compressed, and maintains a sound we’re familiar with from Louis La Roche. -Chris